Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast Tea Review

Trader Joe's Irish Breakfast Tea Review

The box is green of course, with an image of a fertile Irish landscape by the sea. Second flush Assam paired with Kenya tea creates ‘a hearty, full-bodied blend,’ reads the copy on the package of Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast Tea.

The pleasantly sweet aroma of the dry tea leaves sets a high expectation. Add boiling water, wait for 3–5 minutes, and you end up with something slightly tamer than Irish tea should be.

Earth, moss, and tree bark come to mind when trying to describe the aroma. Gone is the sweetness of the dry leaf. Also missing is the astringent punch common among Irish tea brands like Punjana and Barry’s.

But Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast tea isn’t a complete dud. I drink it occasionally in the late morning or early afternoon to help my brain function. It’s a simple, smooth tasting tea at an affordable price.

Aroma: Mossy, earthy
Body: Full
Flavor: Smooth, kind of flat
Color: Dark
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Author: Leo Kapusta

Of all the useless degrees he holds, Leo is most proud of his Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film (Mass Communication Sequence) from the University of Texas at Austin.

5 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast Tea Review”

  1. I enjoyed Trade Joe’s Irish Breakfast Tea for ages, good flavor, affordable. Last week when I shopped I discovered that it had been repackaged but otherwise the labeling seemed to reflect the same product. But I was wrong! This morning I made my first cup of tea out of the new box. Not even close. Watery and tasteless. What were they thinking? Was was change necessary? Very disappointing.

  2. I’m with Carol – I’ve been drinking TJ’s Irish Breakfast nearly every day for years now and this latest box doesn’t seem right. I came online to figure out WTF was going on with the tea. It claims to be “original” with new packaging (fine), but it doesn’t smell like assam tea anymore. The packaging now says something like “blend of assam and black teas” rather than just “assam” and it is, how do you say… NOT GOOD. Am I just moved by the packaging or is my nose telling the truth?

    If it’s not the green box, be suspicious.

  3. For a minute there I thought it was only me. I tasted this “original” tea and was very distressed. It is very….very…watered down, does not have a small like the previous one which is just heart warming. I went to Trader Joe’s and asked if they will bring the real original one back, and they told me they had changed the supplier. Needless to say, I am on to another brand.

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