Barry’s Tea Decaf

Barry's Tea Decaf

I’ve told myself many times before that I’d never try another decaf tea again, yet here I am. Maybe if I wish really hard, a good — at least a decent — decaf will come my way, and I’ll get to enjoy real tea in the evening. Is Barry’s Decaf the one I’ve been looking for? Probably not, […]

Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea

Trader Joe's Pomegranate White Tea

I don’t normally do flavored tea infusions, but this one was in the cabinet so I gave it a whirl. Though pomegranate and white tea are in the name, neither are detectable in the brew. They take a back seat to the tart flavor and bright red color of the hibiscus flowers (listed as the second […]

Golden Tips Tea Company – Part Two

Golden Tips Tea Samples

I continue this journey through the teas of India courtesy of Golden Tips Tea Company. Several teas were covered in Part One; it took me a few more weeks to get through the rest of the samples. It’s a tough job having to try so many Darjeeling teas, but somebody’s gotta do it. Gopaldhara Gold […]

Golden Tips Tea Company – Part One

Golden Tips Tea Package

Tea produced in India can come from several regions, and Golden Tips Tea Company has them all covered. They sent me a small sampling of teas, which arrived in a carefully assembled package, boxed the usual way in cardboard but with an outer wrapping of firmly sewn muslin cloth with fancy wax seals. Impressed already […]

Review: Tetley Extra Strong

Tetley Extra Strong Tea and Nokia Lumia 620

A pack of Tetley Extra Strong arrived in the mail the other day, which is fine except I had actually ordered my beloved Tetley Blend of Both. I’d considered trying Extra Strong years ago but dismissed it as a kind of PG Tips wannabe with nothing special to offer. Surprisingly, I’m enjoying this blend. It compares […]

Fluoride and Tea: Should You Be Concerned?

Fluorite Crystals

The truth about fluoride in tea (and water) is a topic too important to ignore. Tea consumption used to be something I would limit solely based on daily caffeine intake. Nowadays, I take fluoride content into consideration as well. What is fluoride? Fluoride is a mineral that is used to prevent tooth decay; however, the […]