The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: English Breakfast Tea Review

English Breakfast Tea from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

In the same Dallas shopping center as In-N-Out Burger, another company with Southern California roots opened its doors: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL). With ‘Tea Leaf’ in the name, they must be more knowledgeable about the Camellia sinensis plant than those other coffee chains, I figured.

Unlike other English or Irish breakfast teas I’ve sampled, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s English Breakfast blend features Keemun (China) and Taiwanese black instead of the more common Assam (India) and Kenyan (Africa) teas, resulting in a notably more complex aroma. Ceylon (Sri Lanka) tea is also included in the blend.

I purchased the whole leaf, loose tea version of this product (a tea bag version is also available) and prepared it at home in a teapot with boiling water. If you order this tea in-store, CBTL will use a whole leaf tea bag infused in water that is 200° Fahrenheit — a temperature slightly below boiling.

I’m introducing a new, condensed tea review format to appease my blog visitors who’d rather quickly scan my tea reviews than read my long, rambling introductory comments. Here it goes.

Aroma – Dry Leaf: Fruity, earthy and smoky
Aroma – Brewed: Sweet and earthy
Body: Medium
Flavor: Bright finish and very astringent
Color: Light amber
Thoughts: There is so much more depth to this Keemun-based English Breakfast tea than any Assam-based English Breakfast tea I’ve ever tasted. It is pleasantly aromatic and brisk. Its medium body does not hold up so well to milk.
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