Nepal Tea House’s Best Ilam Valley Tea

This black tea came from my cousin Bruce who brought it back from a trip to Nepal. He gave it to my father who passed it on to me. The front of the plain foil package was labeled Nepal Tea House; the back was marked with a Best Ilam-Valley Tea sticker.

Nepal Tea House Package Front

Nepal Tea House Package Back

Best Ilam Valley Tea - Loose Leaves

Not knowing a great deal about Nepali tea, I did some research to make sure I brewed it at the correct water temperature, which in the end was just short of boiling or about 30 seconds off the boil. The praise I found for this tea during my research piqued my enthusiasm.

The tea seemed too light in color as it poured from the teapot’s spout but turned a pleasant golden-honey brown when the mug was full. Its sweet, honeysuckle (and slightly citric) aroma was a welcome surprise.

Best Ilam Valley Tea from Nepal Tea House

On the lighter side in body, this Nepal tea goes down smoothly with a lingering sweetness. This one can definitely turn a regular afternoon into something special.

Aroma: Sweet, honeysuckle, citric, floral
Body: Light-medium
Flavor: Mostly smooth, mild astringency, lingering sweetness
Color: Dark golden
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Author: Leo Kapusta

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