Introvert’s Travelogue, Part Two – The Middle and The End

I woke up Sunday morning in Waco a little later than planned. And I did too much lazing in bed watching TV before going down for the complimentary breakfast.

Tea is an important morning ritual for me, but I’ve learned to be flexible¬†when on the road. I don’t bring my own tea unless my hotel room or suite has a kitchenette with stove. If you can’t control the water temperature, there’s no point in wasting your own tea.

Image of oatmeal and tea breakfast

So I grabbed a Bigelow English Teatime packet, plopped in into a paper cup and brewed with hot water from the beverage station dispenser. It served its caffeine delivery purpose well. For breakfast, I had oatmeal with almonds, cranberries and milk. Continue reading “Introvert’s Travelogue, Part Two – The Middle and The End”