Thompson’s Family Teas (Punjana) Signature Special Tea Blend Review

Thompson's Signature Blend TeaThe same company that produces my beloved Punjana Irish Breakfast Tea (now re-branded as Thompson’s Family Teas Irish Breakfast Blend) actually makes several varieties of teas. Thompson’s Signature Blend has been part of my daily tea routine for the past couple of weeks, and this is what I think of it.

Signature Blend is a very strong tea. As such, a steep time of 2–3 minutes works fine. Over steeping can lead to bitterness. I can plunk two tea bags in my four-cup teapot and still get a strong brew in 5–6 minutes. I add milk every time.

Although Signature Blend and Irish Breakfast blend share some aroma characteristics, Signature Blend is more smokey and earthy while Irish Breakfast Blend is noticeably sweet and citrusy. Signature Blend feels good in mouth with its full body and biting finish, making it a perfect morning tea.

Aroma: Smokey, ashy, sweet
Body: Full
Flavor: Earthy, tannic, bitter
Color: Dark Amber