Harney & Sons HT English Breakfast Tea

Harney & Sons HT English Breakfast Tea

The first thing I noticed when I open the tin of Harney & Sons HT English Breakfast Tea is a pleasant, distinctive fragrance. Ceylon (Kenilworth Estate) and Kenya (Milima Estate) comprise the mix. Missing are the usual suspects, Assam and Keemun, which usually form the basis of such blends.

The tea comes in pyramid-shaped sachets which I really like because the tea leaves can be seen, and what you see inside are real tea leaves, not dust or fannings. The end result comes closer to that of loose leaf tea than I’ve ever gotten from a tea bag.

Back to that fragrance I mentioned earlier. I would describe the aroma as sweet, somewhat citrusy (but not as much as other Ceylons) with other fruit fragrances like plum and raisin. I also detect honey and toast. PG Tips this is not.

Though it doesn’t brew ask dark as other breakfast blends, HT English Breakfast’s full body stands up reasonably well to milk. The color is an attractive reddish amber.

When brewed according to the directions (add boiling water and steep for 5 minutes) the result is a bright, clean flavor from start to finish, with a little of that brightness lingering a while in the mouth. If over steeped, this tea gets bitter. A little splash of milk, if any, is all that is needed. Sweetener is also optional.

Harney & Sons HT English Breakfast Tea has become a gratifying morning ritual for me since I bought a container at Target the other week. It offers the convenience of a bagged tea and an experience close to what you’d get with loose leaves in a teapot.

Aroma: Sweet, citrusy, honey, raisin, honey, and toast
Body: Full
Flavor: Bright all the way
Color: Reddish Amber