Brooke Bond Red Label Review

Image of Brooke Bond Red Label Tea package with teapot, mug and loose Darjeeling tea

I bought Brooke Bond Red Label tea for the sole purpose of making Adrak (Ginger) Chai. When that experiment ended, a giant box full of loose leaf tea remained, so I welcomed the teapot back into my morning ritual.

This Assam tea is CTC (Crush, Tear and Curl), which refers to the method the leaves undergo during production. Many Assam teas are produced this way because of the quick dark brew that results from the tiny leaves.

By itself, Brooke Bond Red Label is a simple, rich and malty tea that pairs perfectly with milk and sweetener. It’s also a great base for tea blends, giving you the chance to get creative.

Lately I’ve been adding a teaspoon of Darjeeling tea to Brooke Bond Red Label. Though much of the Darjeeling’s nuances are lost in the blend, it does add a bright, fruity dimension to the flavor, typical of many Irish breakfast blends.

Aroma: Chalky, sweet
Body: Full
Flavor: Malty, smooth, rich
Color: Dark brown