Bewley’s Gold Blend Tea: Smooth Move

Bewley's Gold Blend Tea Review

Another Irish tea review, another notch under my belt. It seems I’ve gone through most of the major Irish brands except for Nambarrie.

Bewley’s Gold Blend Tea lives up to the ‘Gold’ in its name — that is, if ‘Gold’ means a rich, rounded taste. Included in the blend are Assam, Kenyan, and Rwandan teas.

This tea does not offer great contrast in aroma and flavor; it’s a simple, singular tea with a creamy texture and smooth ending — no bright notes or astringent finish.

Brewed for the right length of time — 2–3 minutes in my opinion — the resulting tea has a full, thick, and silky body. This tea is still strong, so I take mine with milk and honey. Be careful not to oversteep.

Aroma: Mossy, chalky, sweet
Body: Full
Flavor: Creamy, malty
Color: Dark amber