Tie-Guan-Yin Z078 from Upton Tea

Tie-Guan-Yin Oolong 2nd Grade from Upton Tea

Upton Tea sells many teas you should know about. This review concerns their Tie-Guan-Yin 2nd Grade (product code Z078).

Tie-Guan-Yin is a variety of Oolong created through a series of steps that involve sun withering and leaf tossing. Sometimes Tie-Guan-Yin is roasted for a darker color and rich flavor, but not this one.

I placed a big spoonful of tea leaves — which my coworker said looked like pot — in a tea filter, added boiling water, and let step for 3 minutes. It brewed to a dark yellow color, similar to many green teas I’ve had.

This impressive Tie-Guan-Yin was smooth and slightly sweet. I did not detect any bitterness or acidity — very pleasant all around.

While black tea may be my preference, I will certainly schedule this Tie-Guan-Yin into my day until the sample packet is empty. After that, I have more Upton Tea samples to work through; however, I will someday return Tie-Guan-Yin #Z078.

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Author: Leo Kapusta

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