Tetley Redbush Pure

Tetley Redbush PureTetley UK introduced redbush (both pure and vanilla flavored) to their lineup a few years ago. Like other Tetley teas, this one comes in the familiar round Tetley tea bags.

I’ve tried the redbush from Numi Organic, Adagio and Republic of Tea. Tetley’s ranks somewhere in the middle … upper middle.

Tetley Redbush Pure is sweet, fruity, earthy and slight vanilla in aroma, with a smooth flavor. It’s not the most multifaceted rooibos I’ve experienced, but it’s far from the dullest. If I didn’t have to pay to import it from the UK, I’d probably drink it regularly.

This redbush takes milk well — though I prefer it plain — and makes a deliciously refreshing iced tea too. I’m using it now to help me get through a cold; it keeps me hydrated and doesn’t contain caffeine.

Aroma: Sweet, earthy, vanilla
Body: Full
Flavor: Smooth and easy
Color: Reddish amber
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Author: Leo Kapusta

Of all the useless degrees he holds, Leo is most proud of his Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film (Mass Communication Sequence) from the University of Texas at Austin.

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