Tazo Chun Mee Green Tea Review

Tazo Chun Mee (Pan-Fired) Green Tea Brewing in a MugThis organic green tea, also marketed by Tazo as Pan-Fired Green, is a very easy green tea to enjoy for the uninitiated. I’ve gotten good results by bringing water to a boil, letting it cool for one minute, poring it over the tea bag, and allowing it to steep for three minutes.

The tea gives off a sweet seaweed and roasted aroma. Its body is heavier than most green teas I’ve had, but it goes down easy — never bitter when I follow the above method.

The tasted is smooth and slightly buttery with mild acidity. This is going to be my go-to green tea for work and travel.

Aroma: Vegetal, seaweed, roasted
Body: Medium
Flavor: Smoother, buttery, mildly acidic
Color: Yellowish green