Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea

Trader Joe's Pomegranate White TeaI don’t normally do flavored tea infusions, but this one was in the cabinet so I gave it a whirl. Though pomegranate and white tea are in the name, neither are detectable in the brew. They take a back seat to the tart flavor and bright red color of the hibiscus flowers (listed as the second ingredient). Continue reading “Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea”

Golden Tips Tea Company – Part Two

Golden Tips Tea SamplesI continue this journey through the teas of India courtesy of Golden Tips Tea Company. Several teas were covered in Part One; it took me a few more weeks to get through the rest of the samples. It’s a tough job having to try so many Darjeeling teas, but somebody’s gotta do it. Continue reading “Golden Tips Tea Company – Part Two”

Fluoride and Tea: Should You Be Concerned?

Fluorite Crystals
Courtesy of Parent Géry

The truth about fluoride in tea (and water) is a topic too important to ignore. Tea consumption used to be something I would limit solely based on daily caffeine intake. Nowadays, I take fluoride content into consideration as well. Continue reading “Fluoride and Tea: Should You Be Concerned?”

The Republic of Tea Emperor’s White Tea Review

Dear Republic of Tea,

I recently tried your Emperor’s White Tea. Actually, I’ve been drinking it every afternoon for the past several days. It’s the first white tea I’ve tried that wasn’t blended with green tea or infused with flavor other than tea.

The steeping instructions you provide on the packaging (“just short of boiling” for 30–60 seconds) although contrary to other information I’ve read regarding water temperature and steep time for white tea, produced a satisfactory result.

Image of Emperor's White Tea from Republic of TeaJudging by the grassy aroma, I was worried the tea would have that pungent grassy quality typical among green tea varieties. This was not the case at all. No, your Emperor’s White Tea has a light, mellow flavor with a tiny hint of berry sweetness and a mild astringency.

Because of the low caffeine content, I don’t worry about staying up and peeing all night. And the tea bags make it easy to take this quality white tea on the road.

So thank you Republic of Tea for selling such a fine white tea product at a fair price.

Yours truly,

-Citizen Leo

Aroma: Vegetal, sweet
Body: Medium
Flavor: Smooth, slightly sweet, mild astringency
Color: Light Yellow