Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea

Trader Joe's Pomegranate White TeaI don’t normally do flavored tea infusions, but this one was in the cabinet so I gave it a whirl. Though pomegranate and white tea are in the name, neither are detectable in the brew. They take a back seat to the tart flavor and bright red color of the hibiscus flowers (listed as the second ingredient). Continue reading “Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea”

Republic of Tea Organic Rooibos Reviewed

The Republic of Tea Cedarberg Organic RooibosI brought home a small packet of Republic of Tea’s Cedarberg Organic Red Full-Leaf recently from Central Market. I’ve come to truly appreciate the taste of rooibos since I first tried it over a year ago. It’s no doubt an acquired taste that holds no appeal to my wife and other family members when served hot.

The good thing about rooibos (aka red bush) is it won’t over steep. Absolutely no bitterness will result — just more flavor. It’s also caffeine free, so you can enjoy it after dinner. Continue reading “Republic of Tea Organic Rooibos Reviewed”

The Honeybush Seduction

Adagio Honeybush Tea (Tisane) Review

First impressions aren’t always great. It took me a while to appreciate so many things in life like beer, jazz, writing, Grateful Dead, vodka, work, desert scenery, etc. Such was the case with rooibos tea, and such is the case with honeybush tea (from Adagio for this review).

Like rooibos, the honeybush plant is native to South Africa. Also like rooibos, honeybush exhibits a sweet woody aroma and flavor, although slightly sweeter and weaker. Don’t worry about over-steeping this one; it’s impossible.

The “medicinal” characteristic that so many people complain about in rooibos is also present in honeybush; however, any diminished enjoyment this caused during my first cup was gone by my second and subsequent cups. In other words, the honeybush seduced me.

Honeybush doesn’t have any caffeine, so I can drink as much as I like after 5:00pm without disrupting sleep, except maybe for a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. All in all, it’s a smooth, light-bodied tisane that seems to have a gentle, calming effect.

Aroma: Sweet, cedar wood, honey
Body: Light
Flavor: Smooth
Color: Caramel

Adagio Rooibos Review

Adagio Rooibos (Redbush) Tea

A common complaint about rooibos (pronounced roy-boss or roy-bus and otherwise known as red bush or red tea) is that it has a medicinal flavor/aroma; that was my initial assessment too. A few cups later, however, and I was seduced by its gentle, sweet, refreshing flavor. Rooibos comes from a South African plant and, like tea, can be produced as green (minimally oxidized) or red (oxidized). It’s caffeine free and rich in antioxidants.

For this review, I tried a sample of plain, loose leaf Rooibos from the online tea merchant, Adagio ( Preparation involved placing the leaves in a teapot, covering them with boiling water, and steeping for five minutes.

I detect a few scents in Adagio rooibos’ strong, sweet aroma: earthiness, menthol, marijuana (being consumed), apples, and vanilla. It offers a sweet taste with a smooth finish. A little squirt of lemon complements this rooibos very well.

Aroma (brewed): Sweet, earthy, menthol, vanilla, apples, burning marijuana
Body: Medium
Flavor: Sweet and smooth with little astringency
Color: Reddish Amber

Facilitating Movement with Yogi Detox Tea

Yogi DeTox Tea

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency and multi-tasking have never been more critical to success. The world wants results, and it wants them now — so why should your choice of tea be any different?

Imagine my surprise when a tea that promised a gentle liver-kidney detox subsequently delivered a pleasant, unadvertised trip to the restroom! I had eaten plenty of crapfood that day and Yogi Tea gifted a soothing laxative fit for a king. It’s hard to beat that kind of efficiency.

I’ve been a Yogi believer for about 5 years now; since I tried their Bedtime tea and fell asleep 10 minutes later. A couple of Yogi blends later (Kava Stress Relief and Stomach Ease), I landed on Detox. They all seemed to have a knack for being effective with a smooth herbal flavor.

Yogi Detox advertises “Organic Dandelion” on the front of the box, which a little confusing. I mean, couldn’t I just harvest organic dandelion from the blades of my weed whacker? Well, yes, but Yogi’s mastery of herb fusion makes Detox a winner and my dandelion-and-hot water a loser. It may also be worth pointing out that dandelion could be beneficial for diabetes, bone health, stomach function, and whaddaya know … can even serve as a liver detox.

English breakfast tea, this is not. You can smell the herbal ingredients as soon as you open the box. The taste is no different: a unique cinnamon/ginger twang with a spice taste heavy on Indian Sarsaparilla. The taste hangs around for a while, but the combination of extracts (possibly the Japanese Honeysuckle Flower, Rhubarb Root, or Long Pepper Berry) keeps it sweet and enjoyable.

Regardless of your taste in tea or your stance on alternative treatments, give Yogi Detox a shot. The first sip might be hard to swallow if you’re not typically the chai type, but it gets better. You might surprise yourself by enjoying the strong herbal flavor or one of Detox’s projected health benefits.

If nothing else, you should get a solid bathroom break. And I do mean solid.