Reviewed: Charleston Breakfast Tea

Charleston Breakfast TeaAmerican tea is a weird concept for me to digest, but a few tea gardens do exist in the United States. Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and Alabama have them, and so does South Carolina, home of the Charleston Tea Plantation. The South Carolina plantation (currently owned by Bigelow Tea Company) produces several black and green tea varieties including Charleston Breakfast, which I recently tried.
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Nepal Tea House’s Best Ilam Valley Tea

This black tea came from my cousin Bruce who brought it back from a trip to Nepal. He gave it to my father who passed it on to me. The front of the plain foil package was labeled Nepal Tea House; the back was marked with a Best Ilam-Valley Tea sticker.

Nepal Tea House Package Front

Nepal Tea House Package Back

Best Ilam Valley Tea - Loose Leaves

Not knowing a great deal about Nepali tea, I did some research to make sure I brewed it at the correct water temperature, which in the end was just short of boiling or about 30 seconds off the boil. The praise I found for this tea during my research piqued my enthusiasm.

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