The Honeybush Seduction

Adagio Honeybush Tea (Tisane) Review

First impressions aren’t always great. It took me a while to appreciate so many things in life like beer, jazz, writing, Grateful Dead, vodka, work, desert scenery, etc. Such was the case with rooibos tea, and such is the case with honeybush tea (from Adagio for this review).

Like rooibos, the honeybush plant is native to South Africa. Also like rooibos, honeybush exhibits a sweet woody aroma and flavor, although slightly sweeter and weaker. Don’t worry about over-steeping this one; it’s impossible.

The “medicinal” characteristic that so many people complain about in rooibos is also present in honeybush; however, any diminished enjoyment this caused during my first cup was gone by my second and subsequent cups. In other words, the honeybush seduced me.

Honeybush doesn’t have any caffeine, so I can drink as much as I like after 5:00pm without disrupting sleep, except maybe for a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. All in all, it’s a smooth, light-bodied tisane that seems to have a gentle, calming effect.

Aroma: Sweet, cedar wood, honey
Body: Light
Flavor: Smooth
Color: Caramel

Tetley Blend of Both Review

Tetley Blend of Both, A Blend of Black and Green Tea

Green tea is believed to offer more health benefits than black tea. Tetley Blend of Both attempts to capitalize on this assumption by offering black tea drinkers the benefits of green tea.

I found this blend, composed of 72% black tea and 28% green tea, at bit odd at first but gradually came to like it. It’s supposed to be prepared and enjoyed like regular black tea. Tetley suggests drinking three cups per day to realize the benefits of one cup of green tea.

It looks and almost smells and tastes like standard British black tea; however, the small amount of green tea adds a pleasant twist. The green tea’s grassy aroma is more dominant than I expected, and the flavor is slightly bitter (from using boiling water, I think). Milk is necessary in my opinion.

As a side note for black tea drinkers, I wouldn’t be too concerned about missing the widely reported advantages of green tea. Black tea offers many of the same benefits, including antioxidants, with extra caffeine to keep you going. Recent studies have shown that black tea drinkers show reduced risk of stroke and heart disease.

If you still want to hedge your bets or simply want find out what happens when black meets green tea, Tetley Blend of Both is not a bad way to go. I’d continue drinking the stuff regularly if the cost of having it shipped to the States wasn’t so high.

Aroma: Mossy, chalky, and grassy
Body: Full
Flavor: Malty, creamy, and a little bitter
Color: Dark