Who’s Drinking PG Tips?

CBS Sunday Morning did a story on Norah Jones the other day. She was being interviewed in her New York apartment when I noticed a large box of PG Tips tea in the background.

Who else in world of celebrity drinks “Englands No. 1 Tea”? A few minutes of internet research yielded the following list: Julie Andrews, Piers Morgan, Helen Mirren, Paul Rudd, David Gilmour, Sheryl Crow, Lady Gaga, Joss Stone, and Nicole Scherzinger. Yep, they all claim allegiance to the PG Tips brand.

Norah Jones, a celebrity who drinks PG Tips
Norah Jones drinks PG Tips

So there you go. If you enjoy the occasional PG Tips, you’re in the company of some very talented individuals. What’s in your cuppa?

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: English Breakfast Tea Review

English Breakfast Tea from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

In the same Dallas shopping center as In-N-Out Burger, another company with Southern California roots opened its doors: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL). With ‘Tea Leaf’ in the name, they must be more knowledgeable about the Camellia sinensis plant than those other coffee chains, I figured.

Unlike other English or Irish breakfast teas I’ve sampled, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s English Breakfast blend features Keemun (China) and Taiwanese black instead of the more common Assam (India) and Kenyan (Africa) teas, resulting in a notably more complex aroma. Ceylon (Sri Lanka) tea is also included in the blend.

I purchased the whole leaf, loose tea version of this product (a tea bag version is also available) and prepared it at home in a teapot with boiling water. If you order this tea in-store, CBTL will use a whole leaf tea bag infused in water that is 200° Fahrenheit — a temperature slightly below boiling.

I’m introducing a new, condensed tea review format to appease my blog visitors who’d rather quickly scan my tea reviews than read my long, rambling introductory comments. Here it goes.

Aroma – Dry Leaf: Fruity, earthy and smoky
Aroma – Brewed: Sweet and earthy
Body: Medium
Flavor: Bright finish and very astringent
Color: Light amber
Thoughts: There is so much more depth to this Keemun-based English Breakfast tea than any Assam-based English Breakfast tea I’ve ever tasted. It is pleasantly aromatic and brisk. Its medium body does not hold up so well to milk.

Facilitating Movement with Yogi Detox Tea

Yogi DeTox Tea

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency and multi-tasking have never been more critical to success. The world wants results, and it wants them now — so why should your choice of tea be any different?

Imagine my surprise when a tea that promised a gentle liver-kidney detox subsequently delivered a pleasant, unadvertised trip to the restroom! I had eaten plenty of crapfood that day and Yogi Tea gifted a soothing laxative fit for a king. It’s hard to beat that kind of efficiency.

I’ve been a Yogi believer for about 5 years now; since I tried their Bedtime tea and fell asleep 10 minutes later. A couple of Yogi blends later (Kava Stress Relief and Stomach Ease), I landed on Detox. They all seemed to have a knack for being effective with a smooth herbal flavor.

Yogi Detox advertises “Organic Dandelion” on the front of the box, which a little confusing. I mean, couldn’t I just harvest organic dandelion from the blades of my weed whacker? Well, yes, but Yogi’s mastery of herb fusion makes Detox a winner and my dandelion-and-hot water a loser. It may also be worth pointing out that dandelion could be beneficial for diabetes, bone health, stomach function, and whaddaya know … can even serve as a liver detox.

English breakfast tea, this is not. You can smell the herbal ingredients as soon as you open the box. The taste is no different: a unique cinnamon/ginger twang with a spice taste heavy on Indian Sarsaparilla. The taste hangs around for a while, but the combination of extracts (possibly the Japanese Honeysuckle Flower, Rhubarb Root, or Long Pepper Berry) keeps it sweet and enjoyable.

Regardless of your taste in tea or your stance on alternative treatments, give Yogi Detox a shot. The first sip might be hard to swallow if you’re not typically the chai type, but it gets better. You might surprise yourself by enjoying the strong herbal flavor or one of Detox’s projected health benefits.

If nothing else, you should get a solid bathroom break. And I do mean solid.